A True Devotion to Healing.

Keep in mind that the best facility is here, the one that can make you feel most comfortable for treating alcohol and drug addiction problems. We make sure that our facility you’ve chosen offers a recovery program that has a prosperous history of treating addiction. Your recovery needs are our superiority.

Our program goals and expectations are designed to ensure patients have the best opportunity to learn, modify and cure – switching from clinical care to self-care. With this hope in mind that we have developed our programs to help patients learn about the pain of addiction and the need for life-based prevention, understanding the principles of managing recover, learn and start training. We Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center here in Los Angeles is recognized that our patients come to us with varying degrees of motivation and commitment to treatment and making the lifestyle changes necessary for building long-term recovery.

Our mission is to achieve a successful and long-term recovery. We understand that treatment must be customized accurately for each individual. So we provide the patients individual needs and preferences. We maintain a small number of patients at a time to ensure the detoxification process is medically supervised at all times. We will make sure each person has a safe, comfortable environment to walk through all platforms of the recovery process from detox to residential treatment.  We want you to feel at home, and take every step required to provide the most comfortable and safe environment possible.