Why Rehab?

There are many reasons why people are involved in drug and alcohol abuse. For the most part, addiction develops after a time of extensive experimentation. Some turn away from drug abuse as a way to control or suppress their feelings, especially after a traumatic experience.

If you’re searching for a capable and experienced Los Angeles drug rehab, you’ve come to the right place. Our full-service detox and rehab center can help you overcome addiction and guide you towards rehabilitation.

Many different types of professionals take care of substance use disorders. In most treatment programs, large nurses are specially trained people who are diagnosed or licensed as drug counselors for drug abuse. About half of the counselors are people who are well-versed. Many programs have staff from different ethnic or cultural groups. Most treatment programs assign patients to a group of treatment professionals depending on the type of treatment, groups can be comprised of social workers, counselors, doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychiatrists, or other more professionals.

Let’s hear some inspiring story of one of our clients on his journey to recovery.

“I started smoking pot the summer before middle school. It was a good time. I didn’t fall in love with it but it was fun. The dare program had instilled in me that drugs are bad but I thought, Yeah, they’re not so bad. I met a girl who liked to “robotrip”, which means you drink a bunch of cough syrup, and I started stealing a couple of my mom’s Oxycontin.  That was the first time I did pills. Once again, I didn’t fall in love with them but they were a good time. Some people say I fell in love instantly. I never really fell in love with any one particular drug the first time I did it.

When High School started, I had a lot of fears, doubts, and insecurities. I never felt like I fit in. I thought if I was cool people would want to be my friend and they’d like me. I started selling pot to my friends. I thought I was cool because I was a drug dealer. I started hanging out with the older crowd, using harder drugs, and skipping school to get high. My Junior year, I moved out. I moved in with my drug dealer and a couple of our friends. One of them worked for Magic Hat brewery, so half of our fridge was just beer. I started drinking more and I smoked opium with them a few times. At that point in my life, I based my worth on what people thought of me and how much money I had. A lot of my friends left for college and I felt even worse because I didn’t even finish High School. It was a really bad, dark time.

At one of the facilities of drug treatment centre here in Los Angeles they basically just stuck a bunch of addicts in a house and gave them drugs test once in a while and that was it. There wasn’t any kind of structure or any sort of recovery. No one followed up. I like how the process has structure. They care so much about everybody. It’s amazing. They took us out every Saturday. They took forty of us to play laser tag. They took us to Spooky World. They want to keep the clients happy and show them that you can have fun in recovery.”